The Living Data City Challenge is aiming at solutions for the smart and connected city of tomorrow. We selected a number of challenges that have an urgency, to find solutions for the future.
The Living Data City Challenge is an open and creative process, where you are invited to come up with innovative, disruptive, daring solutions. Do not fear to explore new directions and cross-overs. Be the hacker you want to be!

Challenge theme’s – preliminary selection and introductions


Recently the city and Region of Eindhoven welcomed electric busses in the urban transport system. Does this open up new opportunities for travelers, planners, fellow road users?

Sustainable City

How can greening of the city help to change behaviour?
How can biodiversity help to enhance health and happiness?
How can data help us find motivation to change for the better?

Escape from Loneliness

Sometimes people can feel very much alone. Maybe even isolated from the rest of the world. Of course, Facebook can track those people with their algoritme on depression and suicidal attempts. And then what? Will FB send you a chat message: hey you, life is cool? Do not jump? Or will commercial parties make big business out of it? Of course, we want to help people Burberry Uk Outlet as well, but we want to safeguard privacy and we do not want to cross ethical borders.

This challenge is a collaboration between the municipality of Eindhoven, Lumens, Fontys, GGZe, GGD and other parties involved in the caring for our citizens. We like to see data helping pointing out directions and options for people that are not feeling well. It is a challenge with a postive way of thinking. About stimulating and activating people. And hopefully this will work in a preventive kind of way. Social workers are more aware of where help is needed and can jump in with positive alternatives.

Future of Data

Given the spectacular growth in volume of data, normal people can not understand and manage the complexity anymore. Can we have more access to big data and systems that control data? Or are artificial nervous systems taking over control?


This challenge is really cool. Actually, it is a warming up for a challenge to be launched in June this year. Supported by the Creative Ring Challenge.
So get ready no wand come up with the next generation wearables.

Take Wearables beyond the technology-wowfactor and into the 21st century. How can wearables solve crime, solve poverty, support health, etc?