Living Data City Challenge

living-data-city-challenge-logoWinning projects of the Challenge Hackathon, posters, videos, Storify and pictures are all here.




Open Data can help solve problems and provide new opportunities to make cities more livable, more healthy, have better mobility, air quality, biodiversity and be more sustainable. The Living Data City Challenge has inspired creative forces to invent, develop, build new solutions to everyday problems.

Starting with Challenges that provide data, information and knowledge, the Hackathon, 11 and 12 April,was the competing arena for multidisciplinary teams.

LDCC Hack flyer jpegThe winners of the hackathon had the floor on the Open Data Congress Beyond Data April 16. The pitches were aimed at investors, clients, partners present at the congress. The goal is to find support for the Beta Track phase, where the solution is developed to maturity.


Winning projects of the Challenge Hackathon, posters, videos, Storify and pictures are all here.

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European Beyond Data Event 2015


 Click the image or here to visit Beyond Data.

On the 16th of April the European Beyond Data Event takes place in Eindhoven, TheNetherlands.  An event which is organized this year for the 5th time by the City of Eindhoven.

This lustrum will be celebrated with a pragmatic chain of events in which extraordinary break-through’s, inspiring applications and meaningful experiences will be shared and experienced.

Aside from a must-see day program and side events the results of the Living Data City Challenge will be pitched to all congress attendees.
From the position of government representatives, organisations and companies they will be approached as investors.

Last year the event focused mainly at the Dutch market but this year we go European and we go a step further: Beyond Data! The Beyond Data Event is part of the Knowledge Society Forum (KSF) Meeting of Eurocities. Their work meeting takes place at the 14th and 15th of April and finishes with the Beyond Data Event. The members of the KSF consists out of more then 50 policy makers focused on Open Data,  from European cities.

Open data is a highly important new domain within the total society. A data-driven city is a city that intelligently uses data to better deliver critical core services.  You make data accessible in a way that it can be re-used again. The coming years it will transform how cities run and how citizens engage with their government. Open data is an essential participation instrument , an innovation tool to stimulate new applications for a comfortable life and one of the core elements  to shape a Smart City.


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Living Data City Challenge 11 + 12 april 2015!

The urban environment shows an increasingly visible tension between opportunities and challenges of mobility and health, between participation and privacy. With the dominance of digital information flows and the call for transparency, we are right in the middle of Open Data.

Solutions and opportunities for smart applications that are of great significance for urban livability, mobility, health, culture and participation data are the subject of the Living Date City Challenge.

This contest is a challenge and a call for developers, designers, marketers, industry experts but also hackers, artists and engineers.

The Living Data City Challenge consists of four phases:

  1. Get Challenges
  2. Ideation – Creation
  3. Pitching Concepts
  4. Develop – Deploy


For the first phase residents, organizations and governments of Dutch municipalities were asked about their most promising and urgent challenges  and opportunities.
In addition, smart data mining technology is used to analyze an extra dimension data via social media in urban society.
Using the internet  challenges will initially be launched and selected through voting and discussions and picked up by virtual teams.


In the creative phase  developers, designers, marketers, industry experts and hackers, artists and engineers mobilized to devise solutions in a team to build prototypes.
The apotheosis of this is a hackathon the weekend before the conference. During this hackathon teams go to work in a friendly  league to make an impression  with the best idea and the most promising effect on the jury.
The best three concepts go through to the next round.


The conference participants are already weeks in advance challenged to specify their policy agenda for a budget for investing in solutions.
The pitches are startup concepts for practical solutions, waiting for the problem owners to embrace the concepts and to provide seed capital.
Through collaboration between stakeholders to initiate investments are spread over more organizations and encourage cooperation.


The development and implementation of the application is a phase where focus and energy is desired. Intensive process and quality coaching, and an agile development culture should enable a quick launch.

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