Living Data Game Challenge

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 The Playful Hackathon to Free Public Space!

Hackathon: March 19- 20

Public Space is an important ingredient in the concept of a Liveable and Healthy City. Using public space dynamically has gained new perspectives through Open Data and Digital Communication Networks, including sensor technology; augmented reality; geo-tagging.

Interacting with Signals from the City through Playful Applications, including dynamic physical and virtual data expressions (visual, sound, material); (serious) gaming, can inspire and challenge people to become more active, aware, social and happy.



Registration for Hackathon March 19+20 via Eventbrite


Smart Society inspired by Playful City

The Living Data Game Challenge offers an exciting journey to undiscovered playgrounds; a living lab researching the Heartbeat of the City.

Join this community as data provider, tools master, designer, player, hacker, app developer, scientist, marketeer, angel investor…

The Living Data Game Challenge includes a platform for long term development. Fertile ground for start ups, social enterprises, community initiatives, to incubate, mature and scale up.

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Game Schedule

Level 1 Mapping Resources Preparing February 1 – March 18
Level 2 Make it Happen Hackathon March 19 + 20
Level 3 Find a Posse Beyond Data March 29
Level 4 Bring it Further Incubate March 30


Registration via Eventbrite

The Living Data Game Challenge is part of the Beyond Data Event 


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