We hope to see you again next year!

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2016’s Living Data Game Challenge Hackathon has come to an end. People with technical, design, and creative backgrounds joined forces to tinker on new solutions through collaborative development. It was a weekend of fun, learning, and a decent amount of stress, but worth it!

There were eight teams, all with great ideas. However, there could only be three winners… or not! The jury had a hard time deciding on the winners, and gave away an extra prize.

Extra prize: Meet the Chair

Meet the Chair is all about meeting new people. By placing an object in public space, people can share their stories with their neighbors. One of these object could be a chair. Not just any chair, but a chair with a sensor, measuring whether or not someone is sitting on it, which way it’s facing, and if interaction with the person sitting on the next chair is happening.

Third place: E-Waste Eradicators

Electronic waste is valuable, but hardly any of it gets recycled right. The solution: making a collection game!

Second place: Open Politics

Many people find politics boring, and that’s not that strange when all decision making data is closed off from the public. But what if you could participate in making decisions in a fun way? That’s the thought the people from Open Politics had, and created applications around that data.

First place: Happiness Machine

Urging the people to become happy with participation! The platform and applications shows occasions where you can meet new people, play games and just overall have a chance to do something fun to become happy.

The winners pitched their concepts on 29 March, at the Beyond Data Event. The audience could vote for one team to win €1000, which Open Politics won!